2019 Congress Agenda 

“Imagine the World, Lead the Way”

Guest of Honor : Dr. George Lam, BBS

Chairman, Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Ltd.

“Responsible Professional Management in the Digital Era : Golden Opportunities in the Greater Bay Area” 

Distinguished Guest Speaker : Professor CK Chan

Professor of Practice in FinTech , CUHK

“Technology Adoption in Financial Services”

Distinguished Guest Speaker : Mr. David Davies

Founder & CEO, AgUnity

Technology’s role in addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Session Abstract : 

No Poverty is the number one of the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals because, while one third of the world still lives in poverty, it might be impossible to solve the other big problems like food security, deforestation and climate change.

The vast majority of people in poverty work in farming, fishing and are part of remote rural communities, which are hard for any organization to reach at scale. Over the past decades, technology has been targeting wealthy people’s problems, providing luxury solutions that are irrelevant and unaffordable to low income farmers.

Companies that do try to build technology solutions for farmers either fail to find a viable business model or address the challenges facing the very small-scale farmers living in poverty If we want the world to be a better place for all it is vital that we dedicate more effort to create technology that is relevant and useful to those that have been forgotten until now.

Distinguished Guest Speaker : Mr. Andrew Ling

Advisor to Management Board, OpenCertHub

Enterprise Strategy for Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

Session Abstract : 

Multi – national Corporations have resources to invest in digital innovation to reset the game. Startups offer very good products and can be the disruptors. What about us? What about most of SMEs who don’t know Big Data, AI, Blockchain …etc.?

Who are the ones being threatened by eliminating the middle person? How can they survive in this battle?

What strategy can they use?

Come to join this session with some key takeaways for you.

Distinguished Guest Speaker : Ms. Akina Ho

Head of Digital Transformation & Innovation, Great Eagle Group

What should a Chief Digital Officer do to drive effective change ?”

Session Abstract : 

Are Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) evangelists, the visionary that inspire organizations to adapt to the envisioned modern way of life or are they internal consultants, flushing out pain points and providing solutions for better user experiences, business intelligence and decision making?

At times CDOs need to be politicians, lobbying leaders of traditional business units to rethink their models and realigning corporate strategies across internal and external stakeholders.

So what kind of leadership should CDOs adopt in order to be successful in their roles – transformative change agent, strategist, facilitator, technologist, or a mix of all?  Do CDOs promoted from within an organization have advantages over external hires, or do experiences trump all?

Distinguished Guest Speaker : Mr. Albert Su Yau On

Chief Executive, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

Go beyond our imagination, exploration of education data analysis

Session Abstract : 

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs) has developed and launched a centralized large-scale data analysis platform – TWGHs Central Electronic Education System (CEES) since late 2015.  The CEES is the first of its kind in Hong Kong providing a data consolidation platform for school sponsoring body, school management, teaching staff and students with in-depth analysis of academic performance covering 18 secondary schools, 14 primary schools, 2 special schools for over 25,000 target students in an academic year.

This session will showcase the business performance improvements and benefits that have been gained through the CEES program which include deeper insights into academic performance, education & teaching policies, better resource planning and overall school management.

Distinguished Guest Speaker : Ms. Zoe Wong

Strategy & Operations Manager – North Asia, Treasury Wine Estates

Empowered – How to successfully bring strategies to life

Session Abstract : 

Treasury Wine Estates is the world’s largest wine player – owner of many well-known brands such as Penfolds and Wolf Blass. Over the last 5 years, its Asian business has grown six-fold to become the leading imported wine company in Asia. Zoe played a key role in leading the development of the first iteration of the strategy in 2014, and since then, has led transformational strategic projects working with teams cross functionally and globally to drive this phenomenal growth.

Also as the former Head of Strategy and now Director on the Board of the Global Consulting Group (GCG), Zoe was part of the team involved in the establishment and expansion of the organisation. Over the last 10 years, GCG has grown from an organization of 40 to now over 130 volunteers and has delivered over 150 projects to charities.

In this session, Zoe will share about her journey in leading the development and execution of in both a corporate and not-for-profit – tips on developing game changing strategies, building teams and overcoming leadership and executional challenges.

Distinguished Guest Speaker : Mr. Jesse Yang

Head of PMO and Tech Branding Department of Alibaba Digital Media & Entertainment Group ; Senior Project Management Advisor

Scaled Strategy Management & Execution

Session Abstract :

The topic will show the audience how Alibaba program management works from top level strategy to daily execution, and how to ensure the whole program lifecycle is on track and meet the business target and requirements.

The 2019 double 11 global gala program will be presented as an example. Which is the kick-off of the Alibaba digital economy double 11 shopping event, and how it will directly lead to part of the total GMV. Alibaba Media and Entertainment group designs the new interactive products and experiences, let users get the discounts and gift money while enjoying the celebration gala. 

Distinguished Guest Speaker : Dr. Andy Chun

Director of Professional & Career Development, Convenor of AI specialist Group, Hong Kong Computer Society

Can Artificial Intelligence be managed ?

Session Abstract : 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing many industries to significantly change how businesses innovate and deliver products and services, while drastically improving customer experience. AI is also enabling new classes of products and services that greatly disrupts existing players.

AI is the engine that drives digital transformation. Companies of all sectors and sizes have been exploring AI projects. This talk outlines how AI is unlike traditional IT projects, and the project management challenges it brings. It will also highlight additional issues that project managers need to consider, such as data privacy, data bias, explainability, GDPR requirements, ethics, etc.

Distinguished Guest Speaker : Mr. Deniz Güven

CEO, Standard Chartered Virtual Bank

The Brave New Bank

Session Abstract : 

When Aldous Huxley wrote ‘Brave New World’ in 1931, almost 90 years ago, he talked about Incubation Centers and Human Accelerators in the context of a futuristic dystopian society. Today those same words are still used in various industries, though with much different meanings. In today’s lexicon, they have cutting-edge implications. Deniz Güven, CEO of the virtual bank by Standard Chartered, believes these phrases will again be re-defined by a new chapter of the ‘Brave New Bank’, referring to precise execution and results-driven outcomes in our digital transformation stories.

2018 Congress Agenda 

“Embrace Diversity, Empower People”

Start Time End Time Speaker Speaker Title Company Topic Title
09:15 09:25 Mrs. Rossana Ho President PMI Hong Kong Chapter “Opening Ceremony & Welcome Speech”
09:25 09:35 Mr. Danny Chung Executive Vice President, Chair of PMI HK 2018 Congress PMI Hong Kong Chapter “Chair of PMI HK 2018 Congress” Sharing
09:35 09:45 Mr. Victor Lam, JP Guest of Honour Government Chief Information Officer The Government of HKSAR “Forging Ahead to Develop Hong Kong into a world famed Smart City”
09:45 10:20 Mr. David Au Executive Director Airport Authority , Hong Kong “Ready for Take-off ?”
10:20 10:30 Thank You to Sponsors
10:30 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 11:10 Awards Presentation
11:10 11:45 Mr. George Lai Global Head of IT & Operations Chubb “Next Generation Workforce”
11:45 12:20 Prof. Christian Wagner Chief Information Officer & Associate Provost for Quality Assurance City University, Hong Kong “Creating Project Success through Diversity : The case of City University’s Scholars system”
12:20 12:30 Commemorative Photos
12:30 14:00 Lunch
14:00 14:35 Mr. Gary McLaren Chief Technology Officer Hong Kong Broadband Network “5G – Hype vs. Reality”
14:35 15:10 Mr. Damien Wu Chief Information Officer LINK REIT “Smart City, Smart Projects – A startup approach to projects in a traditional industry”
15:10 15:45 Mr. Ralph Zhu Senior Project Management Expert Alibaba “Technology expands business boundaries – The development of new retail project in Taobao”
15:45 16:15 Coffee Break
16:15 16:55 Mr. Bernard Kuhl Chief Operating Officer, Global Transaction & Payment Services Societe Generale “Coaching Empowers people”
16:55 17:35 Mr. Peter Poon Deputy Chief Executive Officer The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation “Barrier Busters – A Community Project for Empowerment & Inclusion”
17:35 17:45 Mrs. Rossana Ho President PMI Hong Kong Chapter Closing Remarks