Be at the top of mind with Senior Executives, Business Leaders and Project Management Professionals at PMI Hong Kong Chapter’s largest annual congress event, with over 300+ attendees .¬† Our local and international audience¬† come from a diverse range of industries including Information Technology, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Healthcare & Government, Manufacturing & Construction, Utilities and more..

Our Sponsorship packages provide an excellent platform not only to raise your company profile and reach a diverse audience of project management professionals but also provides valuable professional development opportunities during and beyond the congress. Our past sponsors include Microsoft, ICO, Dell, HP, PCCW Solutions, JOS , Cayee, Avaya etc.

For more details on the sponsorship packages, please contact our Chapter.

Enquiries and Further Information:

PMI Hong Kong Chapter 

Email: Congress@pmi.org.hk

Phone : +852 2784 1880

Congress Website : www.pmihkcongress.com

Chapter Website: www.pmi.org.hk